-In one month I have lost 5 pounds and my energy has increased 100%. I got my blood pressure lowered without taking medication! You are miracle workers, Elena and Deborah!

N. C., Raleigh, NC


-I recommend doctors Hudak and Rusyn because they are very knowledgeable on the topic of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. They are very easy to get in touch with and spend time with each patient. I feel that the testing, consultation and treatment I had was a good value. They are an excellent resource for women (and men).

J.B., Cary, NC


- There has been an amazing difference in how I feel after two weeks on BHRT. I have done better in the last two weeks than the last several years. I feel much better! I am also making myself eat better and more frequently than I felt like doing before.  I do feel like my stomach is not as bloated and that I am losing weight.

I currently consider them to be miracle drugs. Thank you for your help!


D. S., Raleigh, NC


-I began the bio-identical hormones one month ago. I am sleeping better, and I feel better about myself. Although, I had an outstanding decrease in pain, I have cut out one prescribed pain pill each day. My goal is to eliminate the use of any narcotic. There seems to be a rise in libido as well. Because I have a compromised immune system, I have numerous flair-ups, and I don't expect a magic pill; but I hope for a better attitude in dealing with them, and I believe I'm headed in that direction. 


A. K., Raleigh, NC


-I feel so much better! Energy levels are improving. Good sleep has made a huge difference. I'm much more motivated now and expect the weight gain to resolve itself as I continue to work out regularly. Sexual issues have resolved themselves! You saved our marriage!


J. S., Raleigh, NC


-I am feeling much better and am using the progesterone cream and taking the liothyronine sodium/levothyroxine.  My mood swings, tiredness and stress are greatly decreased.  Still have some hot flashes but not severe.


C. W., Raleigh, NC